Country Aviation Ratings & Assessments
"Flying makes up a significant part of domestic and international travel, yet few people fully understand or are able to make comparisons on the aviation risk, before flying. We do it for you."

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Here's what you can expect with our country aviation ratings

Country Aviation Ratings

Flying comprises a significant portion of domestic and international travel.
Most travellers, managers and agents don’t have access to accurate, timely and professional information regarding the aviation industry, standards, capability or operations in either the country in which they originate, or where they are travelling to.

You can now select a country, and find out exactly how they compare to your country of origin or destination and that of the global average when it comes to aviation capability and safety.
Additionally, we include our own assessment and risk ratings of the country’s aviation standards using international and professional risk standard practices.

Focus Areas

Our process includes the following aviation assessment criteria:

  • Administrative controls affecting the country’s aviation sector
  • Operational capability and effectiveness
  • General airworthiness of operators, aircraft and providers
  • Accident monitoring, controls and investigation
  • Air navigation capability, application and access
  • The standard, effectiveness and capability of aerodromes

Practical Applications

By simplifying the complex data, centralising the information and providing comparative ratings and analysis for travellers and managers, this provide greater confidence and insights into those countries that excel in the aviation sector whilst highlighting those developing countries.

With a single view you can see the relative high and low capacity levels and benchmark the findings based on the overall assessment. The results of this rating and analysis can assist in your risk management decision making process, including determining between commercial and chartered flying options.

Useful for infrequent, frequent, business, project, fly-in-fly-out [FIFO] travellers alike.
A must for travel and risk managers


Country A: Origin

Aviation RatingsMost systems look at passenger volume and freight but we evaluate safety and risk

Country B: Destination

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While we have an extensive database, information and metrics relative to the aviation industry, some locations and countries may have less verifiable data. This may alter the final display, rating and assessment to some extent but a location with extremely limited data is likely to rate lower at any rate.